Lettings at Darrick Wood School

We are a large school in the London Borough of Bromley with superb facilities for private let and parking for up to 76 vehicles.

We have a huge hall (with stage), a large dining hall, dance studio and classrooms to let. For further information on these and to make a booking please find our enquiry form and contact details towards the end of this page. In addition we have a variety of sports facilities, and sports-themed parties are available through the Darrick Sports website the link to which is below.

Bookable Venues

Main School Hall

Our spectacular main hall is approximately 338 m2 with a vaulted ceiling and polished, wooden Junckers Sprung flooring; it can impressively accommodate up to 350 people with flexible arrangements for seating - with up to 38 rectangular tables with chairs for dining, or 30 tables with a small dance area, or rows of chairs to engage in a conference or watch a performance on the large, curtained stage.

We also have a projector with a substantial screen and additional, linked TV monitors and a P.A. system available for hire. Why not add the paved area with seating by the hall and extend your event outside?

Dining Hall

A fantastic, large, newly-painted practical space of 332 m2 with a new linoleum floor. The room is divided by pillars but is suitable as one large entertaining space or why not have one half as a party area and one as an eating area?

(chairs and tables included if required)

Great for social gatherings, parties, baby showers etc., or hire with the Main Hall and have this room as a separate, quieter, contained space for serving and eating food.

Dance Studio

An amazing, well-lit, 184 m2 studio with wooden Junckers Sprung flooring. There are mirrors completely covering one wall and a barre providing support for dance/exercise moves. This is a great facility for dance & exercise classes or as a more intimate space for a smaller party. This can also be hired (along with a classroom next to the hall) for use as a changing room for performances in the Main Hall.


We have three classrooms, complete with screens for presenting, in an excellent space for up to 30 delegates. They are also ideal for meeting spaces.

Venue Availability

Venues are available at the times listed below:

  • Weekday Evenings: 19:00 - 22:00
  • Saturday: 08:00 - 23:00
  • Sunday: 10:00 - 16:00

Rates of Hire

Deposit of £150 - Returned after Event subject to any damage
Please note: Minimum hire charge 2 hours
Price per hour
Main Hall £75
Dining Hall 1 £55
Dining Hall 2 £65
Dance Studio £45
Classroom £45
Hire any 2 rooms at the same time and your booking fee will be reduced by £25 per hour
Mandatory Price per event
Cleaning £10
Optional Extras Price Per Event
Space Outside Hall £40
PA System £60 (including £10 VAT)
Projector £24 (including £4 VAT)
Please note that bookings with very large numbers of attendees may incur extra charges should the School deem it necessary to employ two site staff to man the event

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